Sunday, 17 November 2013

Winter rain

Hello 17th november. :)

And hello to winter rain too ^_^

Lucky i dont bring any sweaters or hoodies or cap or umbrella whatsoeva so got a reason to soaked up with rains.

Not much freezing as this is the second winter rain only, temp drop fews centrigate i guess :/

oh and yess. Double lucky as mud tag along my feet and and and, i think i got headache. Massive one. Blergh. =,=

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Pathetic me.

Hello. :)

Had been a while since i started my third year class.
Two weeks i guess?
huh. And this short time, felt like it'd been yearsss of time.

just bc li ost me fav girls.
Huuuu. Haru nyaaaa.

Fani had already regstered for University Malaysia Sarawak. Medical course too. I guess she got scnd year there but she wanted to started all over again, so she start w first year.
Hurun will start her class around this jan or feb in new course, its a secret, but for sure no more medical course.
Alya? she'd be back to malaysia last week and gonna start her preclinical class in dec or jan i guess. Ah, she got SEGi college.

Well well well.
Looks like me, karinokenny takes things easily right?

blergh. It is totally no.
Loosing them such a big lost for me.
Cry almost everynight asking myself, how could i go tru my life here, w/o my besties?

Takes me few weeks to accept the truth. Such a big lost, for loosing Fani.

Id been that pathetic.
I stopped infront of the building where she'd once lived.
and waited for her to come out n walk with me to class.

Id been that pathetic.
I called her egypt number almost millions of time. To tell her my stories.

Id been that pathetic.
I cry alone in the dark, closing my eyes, telling what im hating, like she is there.

Id been that pathetic.
Wandering around after class, stop at the Kubri, counting cars, so that i will remember how much she hates crossing roads.

Id been that pathetic.
as im writting here, crying myself, hoping shes here.

Id been that pathetic.
As i saw her name on practical attendance paper, all are absent and i tell to someone next to me "Fani, sign ur name" but the girl is not her.

I'm pathetic right?