Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Don't fake it

hello Fifth february.

why u have to hold back ur tears everytime it is about to drain your cheek?
why u have to craft out a fake smile infront of others?
why u have to doze yourself to sleep?
why u have to drunk yourself with piles of works?
why u are so stubborn that u hit the run miles away, sweating up, just to avoid things hurting u?
why u shut the world up, slamming door closed?

why u have to do all these?

for the world which squirting lemons to your beautiful eyes
for skies pouring tones of rain
for the cloud blowing typhoon
for the tides flooding your earth
for the nights with scariest thunder

u don't have to hold your tears
u don't have to smirk a smile
u don't have to mentally sleeping all day
u don't have to be moron non-effectively hardworking for nothing
u don't have to suddenly into gyms and work-out
u don't have to shut down the gates, lock in yourself inside...

that same world will spill sugars to you
that same skies will shows you colorful rainbows
that same cloud gonna let u see the sun, through it
that same tides left you junkies of cute scallop shells
that same night will give u a chance of seeing stars, meteors, that will make u gaze to it, mouth opened, jaw dropped, tears breaking your sleepless eyebags.


cry when u have to
smile when u need to
laugh when it seems you're falling hard
chin up, when u done
create something for yourlife.
it's okay
everyone have their dark time.